Peculiar engagement

Princess Adelaide Chetwood was sadly looking at the capital of Brightwald, which was colored in gold by the setting sun. She still heard her father’s, King Gottfrid’s, unsparing words, and she knew that there’s no way to oppose.

There was a war between the neighboring countries, that affected Brightwald’s economy too. The threatening came closer and closer, because Crafthole occupied new territories continuously. Adelaide knew that the problem is huge: at least she noticed her father spending long hours consulting with his advisories, trying to figure out the next step in endless conferences. And then that came.

The girl let out a deep sigh and closed her eyes. She knew that she has to do it. There’s a chance to bind an advantageous covenant with Tredony, they just need something strong to seal that with. A marriage. She shivered at this thought. She hasn’t even grown up yet, slightly more than sixteen, and they expect her to act like a mature woman, to accept her fate that they force to her.

She opened her eyes and shivered again when the cool night wind ruffled through her hair. She turned away slowly, and wandered towards her room.

It was dark outside when she finally managed to send the teeming servants out of her room. She stood in front of the mirror in her nightgown and investigated her reflection. Her skin was unusually pale from worrying. The emissary is going to arrive tomorrow. He will bring the news about the decision of the King of Tredony, if he accepted the covenant and Princess Adelaide’s hand in marriage for the Prince. And if that happens, she will have to marry a man who she doesn’t know. They force her to marry a man who she hasn’t even seen. A lonely tear appeared in the corner of her eye when she turned away from her reflection and went to bed.


It was way in the afternoon when the news about the arrival of Tredony’s emissary got to the castle. King Gottfrid and his beautiful wife, Queen Josselyn dressed up to their fanciest clothes, and Adelaide also had to gussy up for that event.

“King Gottfrid, I announce with reverence that the emissary of Tredony has arrived!” Sir Alastair, the advisory said with a bow.

“Let him in!” The King commanded.

The door of the throne room opened with a creak, and three figures came to view. Adelaide started to squirm nervously, because her future will be revelaled in the next few minutes. She secretly hoped that Tredony’s King would refuse the offer.

The three guests – Adelaide thought they must be knights -, kneeled in front of the king, to show their respect. King Gottfrid motioned them to get up, and then the middle one started to speak.

“My name is Sir Frederick Withers, and I bring glorious King Barnard’s, the King of Tredony’s message. The monarch sends his reverence and greetings to King Gottfrid, and he would find it a great honor if these two glorious families could ally. Your conditions are appropriate, apart from some small details, which means he is willing to accept your offer. According to that, the King and the Prince set sail, to meet you and negotiate in person. Their arrival to Brightwald is expected in three days.”

King Gottfrid nodded and Princess Adelaide started to freak out. From the words of the knight it seemed that King Barnard has no problem with the marriage. She shot a glance at Sir Frederick, who was looking right into the King’s eye. As she watched the knight, she realized, he must have been young, probably only a few years older than her. And she had to admit that he was quite handsome too. She started to feel a cramp in her stomach, but she wouldn’t be able to tell what made her nervous.

“Thank you so much Sir Frederick for coming all the way to inform me about these magnificent news,” King Gottfrid smiled. “Naturally, we wait for King Barnard and the Prince with open arms. You must have been tired from the traveling, so you can stay in our castle and enjoy our hospitality as long as it is necessary.”

“King Gottfrid, you are so gracious,” Sir Frederick bowed, and the two other knights followed suit. “We accept your offer gratefully, because we took a long journey, and we have tiring days behind us.”

“Our advisor and the servants are going to lead you to your rooms” King Gottfrid waved to the staff.

Sir Frederick shot a slight smile towards the Princess before he turned away and followed the others. Adelaide felt her heart bounce for that gesture, and she needed a few moments to return back to reality.

“Princess, I have to talk to you in private!” King Gottfrid’s imperious voice finally made her thoughts come back to the ground.

When they arrived to the meeting room, her father looked at her sharply.

“You know what is your duty, right, Adelaide? I do not want to warn you again.”

The princess felt her pulse speed up.

“I know, father, but I do not agree with it.”

“We need you for winning the war,” he raised his voice. “This covenant would mean a great help to the country. To both countries.”

Adelaide let out a sigh, than turned away from King Gottfrid.

“Would you really make me marry a man who I do not know?”

“That is necessary,” his voice became softer. “You have to understand. I heard that Prince Charles is a great catch. He is adroit and he is still young. You know, I could have made you marry Burdley’s elderly King. I chose the best possibility, please, stop opposing!”

Adelaide couldn’t say anything for that, just bit her lip sadly. She heard her father’s footsteps, and a shutting door.

She collapsed to a nearby couch, and started to cry. She felt miserable, like a captive bird in a golden cage. Always others tell her what to do. And what to feel.

The door’s creaking woke her from her sad contemplation. She lift her head up and saw the confused face of Sir Frederick.

“I am sorry,” he bowed. “I did not want to disturb you.”

The Princess tried to clear away the tears from her face.

“You do not have to be sorry, you did not disturb me” she said in a shaky voice. “Come in!”

“You know, that castle is so huge and my sense of direction is awful. I think I got lost,” he apologized. Adelaide gave him a slight smile, and stepped closer.

“I see that the staff is not on top of the situation. Do you want me to lead you to your room?”

“I would be truly grateful, my lady!”

Their gaze met for a second and the Princess got lost in his beautiful brown eyes. She averted her gaze quickly, because she felt herself blushing. She passed the hesitant knight, and left the meeting room.

They walked side by side, until they reached the guest room. Sir Frederick kissed her hand before he said goodnight politely and went into his room.

Adelaide couldn’t get the knight out of her mind for a long time, she spent some time turning in her bed until she could fell asleep. She couldn’t find an explanation, why the man has such effect on her, because she barely even knew him. But when she thought about his entracing brown eyes and kind smile, she didn’t want to find an explanation anymore.


The next time Adelaide met Sir Frederick, was on the midday feast. She tried to keep distance from him, because there was no use dreaming about him, if she has to marry someone else. So she just held her head low and tried to force down some food on her throat.

She stayed in the library until late afternoon, trying to divert her thoughts using her favorite historical novel, but her eyes didn’t catch the words.

“Do you need anything, Princess?” A young servant asked her, but she just shook her head. She didn’t want anything, but to be alone. She closed the book that she held, and put it back to the shelf.

But when she left the room, she met that person, who she wanted to avoid the most.

“Princess,” Sir Frederick bowed in front of her.

“Greetings, Sir Frederick,” she greeted him with shaking voice. “I hope you feel yourself pleasant here.”

“Yes, everything is great,” the man agreed. “But I noticed something: you are angry with me for some reason.”

Adelaide flinched for a moment.

“Why do you think?”

“You were avoiding me whole day,” Sir Frederick started his explanation. “I noticed that you avoided my gaze during the feast too. What have I done against you?”

“You did nothing, Sir Frederick!” Adelaide apologized.

“In that case, why are you behaving like this with me?”

For a long moment, their eyes met in a glance, and the Princess felt an inexplicable weakness in her legs, while she was looking at the knight’s face. She quickly averted her gaze.

“I am sorry,” the man broke the silence. “I have no right to judge your behavior.”

“No problem,” the Princess muttered. “You know, I have been through tough days. I would like to be alone. I have absolutely no problem with you.”

“Oh…” He scratched his chin. “That is great news. I am sorry that you have tough days.”

She heard sympathy in his voice, and she made a quick glance at him. He was investigating her with a slightly worried expression.

“If you would like to talk to someone…” he offered quietly.

“No, thank you, I can handle this,” she replied a bit quicker than she wanted.

“In that case… I am glad to meet you,” Sir Frederick bowed in front of her, than wandered towards the other end of the corridor.

Adelaide wanted to shout after him. She just wanted someone who understands her, someone who she can talk honestly to. She felt her heart sink while she was watching him leave. Everything would be easier if she wouldn’t be the heir!


Just one day. That was her first thought next morning. The first rays of sunshine peeked through the curtains, filling the room with reddish light. She wanted to go back to sleep, so she wouldn’t have to suffer awake, but she couldn’t.

She left the castle behind her. She couldn’t stand the bustling of the staff, the prattling of the maid of honors, the excited waiting for the arrival of Tredony’s monarch. She just followed the river’s calm flowing, until she reached the border of the forest.

“You can go back to the castle now,” she said to the guard, who followed her, but he shook his head.

“I got the command from King Gottfrid to take care of you, and I will not oppose.”

“Great!” she muttered. She can’t be alone for a moment. She started to wander when she heard a pleasant voice.

“I will take care of the Princess!”

Adelaide turned around quickly, and saw Sir Frederick approaching. Her heart pounded for the sight of the knight, but she tried to keep a calm expression.

“But… the King’s command…” The guard stammered.

“You think that the lady will not be in safe with me?” Sir Frederick said firmly. “I bet that I am better in sword fighting than you!”

A little smile glided through the Princess’s face, but she gained back her posture quickly.

The guard looked at the kngiht sharply for a moment, but he didn’t dare to oppose the guest, so he gave up and went back to the castle.

“I hope you do not mind that you do not have to spend the rest of the day with Sir Obedience,” Sir Frederick smiled at her, and she felt if she was melting. “My Princess!” He kissed her hand with an irresistible smile.

“Why did you follow me?” She asked, and his smile disappeared.

“I am worried about you!”

“You are?”

“Yes, you look so sad. A beautiful Princess, like you, should not be sad.”

Adelaide bit her lip. Her situation came to her mind, and she wanted to cry, but she tried to stay strong.

“Do you know what are the conditions in the covenant that our countries will seal?” she asked with shaky voice.

Sir Frederick thought about it for a moment, than shook his head.

“A marriage,” she said sadly. “Between me and the Prince of Tredony.”

“Oh, I see.” The knight shifted his weight, awkwardly.

They didn’t say anything for a long moment, but they both wanted to say something. Finally, Adelaide broke the silence.

“But you know Prince Charles, right?”

The man nodded.

“What do you think about him?” She asked shyly.

“The maid of honors say he is quite handsome.” He scratched his chin. “Naturally, I cannot tell you if they are right.”

“Everyone tells me that,” she sniffed. “That he is a good catch and I should be happy that I can marry him.”

“But you are not happy?” The knight asked while he was watching her.

“I have never met him!” She cried, and he took a step back. “How could I know if they are right? But I have no choice anyways.”

She felt tears coming into her eyes, and averted her gaze. The knight made a small movement, like he would like to hug her, but he didn’t dare to do it. The girl took out her handkerchief and tried to wipe the tears off from her face.

“I am sorry!” She turned away from him.

“Do you need anything?” He asked quietly.

Adelaide shook her head, because she couldn’t tell what she wanted. She wanted to be loved, be hugged, she wanted someone to tell her everything will be fine. And she wanted… him. Sir Frederick, who she only know since two days, but he attracted her like no one before.

She turned back and looked right into his eyes. She didn’t even notice when he came so close to her, she almost felt the heat flowing from his body. They just stood there for a while, for an endless minute, and she wished it would last forever.

“The sun is setting, I have to lead you back to the castle.” Sir Frederick’s words pulled her back to reality, mercilessly. She nodded and they started to go back.


“Princess Adelaide, you have to eat something!”

“I am not hungry.”

“But it is the command of the King, that you must have to eat something!”

The Princess looked at the annoying servant with an angry expression. Why can’t she understand that she’s not hungry? To be honest, a single bite wouldn’t go down on her throat.

“All right, leave it here then, and I will eat it. You can go now!” she commanded. The servant put down the bowl, bowed, and left the room with a disappointed look on her face.

Adelaide just sat depressively for a while. She was glad that she was alone in the library, she didn’t need anyone’s company. Or did she? Her stomach twitched when she thought about Sir Frederick’s smile and his worried face. “I must not think about him” she tried to distract herself, but she failed.

“Are you sure, you are all right?” A pleasant voice addressed her, and she froze. She looked up to see Sir Frederick’s face – she hasn’t noticed that he entered the room.

“You do not have to worry about me.”

“I thought, maybe a tasty wine from Tredony could make you happier.” He rose a jug. “The best vintage!”

Adelaide didn’t want to drink at the first place, but she couldn’t resist the knight. After the first sip, she felt a bit tipsy, but it also helped to cheer her up.

Sir Frederick proved to be an awesome chat partner. He told stories about his adventures, Tredony, and after a good amount of wine, he became quite outspoken.

“You know, you are so beautiful, that a gem is a cheap pebble compared to you.”

She let out a chuckle, and blushed. Suddenly, she felt so hot that she had to fan herself with her hand.

“Prince Charles should praise the Watcher that you will be his wife.”

The Princess froze for a moment, but the knight’s face wasn’t happy either. In the next second, she felt his lips on hers.

She closed her eyes and kissed him back, she couldn’t think about anything else, just him. The man held her tightly, and she enjoyed his kiss.

“No, we should not…” He moved away from her, with a frightened expression. “I am sorry.”

“Sir Frederick, I would not let it happen if I did not want it.”

Their gaze met for a moment, and she got lost in his beautiful brown eyes again. She saw that uncertainity in his eyes that she felt inside.

“I know what is my responsibility,” she said the painful words. “I do not want to deceive you.”

The knight nodded and he stood up slowly.

“In this case, I want to wish you good night.” He kneeled down in front of her, before he left the room.

The girl couldn’t sleep all night. The kiss that she shared with the knight was on her mind. She wanted to erase it from her memories, but her heart wanted to repeat it over and over again. She didn’t understand how can he have such an effect on her after three days of aquaintance. But she couldn’t deny that all of her wanted the man.


Next day, she didn’t meet the knight, despite her efforts to search for him in every room of the castle. The advisory said, the King and Prince of Tredony arrived this morning, and now they were preparing to the meeting on their ship. It’s likely that Sir Frederick was with them. Adelaide’s heart sank at this news.

She was shaking from nervousness when she sat down next to the King in the throne room. She knew that the formal engagement was going to happen. But her mind played strange scenes, like Sir Frederick is helping her escape, while he injures the Prince. She shook her head, she shouldn’t think about things like these.

The door opened with a creak, and she saw the two knights entering, who came with Sir Frederick a few days ago. She started to worry about his abscence, what if the King learned about their secret kiss, and punished him?

The two man bowed in front of the King, and then they announced the arrival of the King and Prince of Tredony. King Gottfrid waved them to come in.

Adelaide squirmed nervously, when she saw the two figures entering. When they came closer, she could see their faces better. There was the graying King Barnard, who wore fancy clothes and a majestic expression, and Prince Charles, who looked exactly like Sir Frederick.

What? She had to blink a few times to realise what she sees is not a dream. And for real: Sir Frederick stood next to the King in full pomp, with a huge smile on his face.

The two of them bowed, than King Barnard said:

“It is a great pleasure that our countries can unite by a covenant. Me, and my son” he shot a glance at the Prince “, find it a honor that our families can unite by the marriage of our children.”

Adelaide was still looking at Sir Frederick, who turned out to be the Prince, with a slight surprise on her face.

“By your favor, father,” the Prince nodded towards King Barnard, than he step in front of the Princess.

“You?” The girl whispered with confusion. “You have misleaded me all the time!” She frowned, but her angriness didn’t last long, it disappeared when she looked at his shining eyes.

“Adelaide, you have to know that everything happened for your interest,” King Gottfrid explained and stood up from his throne with a smile on his face. “It was your mother’s excellent idea, that you should meet your fiancée casually. What would I do without her?!” He kissed Queen Josselyn’s hand.

“You see, maybe Prince Charles is not that bad.” The young man winked, and she smiled back.

“Maybe, I have not decided yet.”

“So, can I give it to you?”

Adelaide gave her hand, and he put a beautiful ring to her finger. She met his gaze, and she had to stop herself from hugging him immediately.

“I think a walk will not hurt.” The prince offered.

“And we have some things to negotiate with King Barnard,” King Gottfrid said. “We have to decide where the wedding will be!”

When Adelaide and Prince Charles left the castle, she felt boundless happiness. She hoped that she will have enough time to get to know the man, but she knew that whatever he says, it wouldn’t alter her feelings.

Thanks for the covenant, the united force of Brightwald and Tredony could win battles against Crafthole, who had to give up their conquests in a few months. Adelaide and Charles got married and helped reviving their countries after the war.

Author’s notes:

I’d like to say thanks to Nita for the lot of technical help about this game! And also thanks for the support Lexike and Sookie! 🙂

I really wanted to translate one of my stories, and I thought, I should start with something easier (or shorter at least), so that’s why I choose this short story. To be honest, I don’t really like translating at all, I better write something in Englist at the first place, but hey, I tried 😀

The story itself is just a random little thing that I made up because I really wanted to shoot something in TSM. You know me, I love strange and challenging things XD But I’m quite proud of the pictures if I can say so 🙂

Probably it won’t be any interesting, but I used tons of guest Sim!Actors from my friends’s stories, and from my other stories, or TSM versions of these Sim!Actors for figurants 🙂

Also, I’m not sure about the formatting, because the Hungarian dialog format is way different from the English one. I tried my best though, but if you find something awful, please warn me 🙂

Any comments are highly appreciated! I hope you enjoyed this little story 🙂 You can leave comments as a guest, and you can give me a like as well if you feel like (wow, so many likes in one sentence XD) 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! 😀





  • Anne S.

    I loved it! The pictures were beautiful and the story was so sweet. I was really hoping that Sir Frederick was the prince in disguise. 🙂 I’m glad he and the princess got a happy ending. As far as the translation goes, I think it worked fairly well. I noticed a few pronoun errors (things like “Adelaide knew his father was right”) and a few tense issues (switching from past tense to present tense, for example), but I could understand the story just fine. I think errors like that tend to happen when you translate a story from one language to another. It’s no biggie. 🙂 Again, I really loved it, and I’m impressed that you managed to stage and shoot all those pictures in Sims Medieval! It’s not the easiest game for storytelling. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like the story and the pictures as well 🙂 Yes, maybe the ending was a bit calculable, but it’s just a little story that I came up with because I really wanted to work with TSM XD
      Thank you for the warnings, I’ll fix the his-es (I don’t know how that happened XD), and I’ll try to pay attention to the tenses next time 🙂
      Yes, TSM is definitely not easy to work with, but I learned a few tricks during the process 😀
      Thank you for the comment! 😀

  • Quill

    Hey, here with a couple quick grammar patches. (Translation is hard. Mad props to you, I just had to write a paragraph in Spanish [a language I studied for some years] and it was ludicrously hard.)

    She still heard his father’s
    Should be: She still heard her father’s
    Her goes with She, His goes with He. This happens a couple times throughout the story. 😀

    She felt herself to miserable,
    Works better as: She felt miserable,
    There isn’t a hard and fast grammar rule with this one, it just makes more sense without the extra words.

    Adelaide’s heart sank to these news.
    Should be: Adelaide’s heart sank at this news.

    You have such expressive pictures, I am impressed with both the picture taking and the translation effort. 😀

    • Ah, thank you! I’ll fix them up real quick! I still don’t know how I managed to write his instead of her so many times – and how I didn’t notice when I revised it! XD
      I’m glad you like the pictures 😀 And you know how hard translating is! I studied Spanish too, but I don’t remember too much XD
      Thank you for the comment! 😀

      • Quill

        I can still read Spanish okay, but ask me to construct paragraphs in it? No thanks!

        I love how the sims community can show so much through pictures, it’s a really nice way to bring people from different countries together.

        (By the way, you probably know me on Tumblr, if you know me at all, as Scribbles Sims or Scribal Goddess. My Disquis handle goes with a different blog. 😀 )

        • I agree, it’s such a nice thing to have simmers from all around the world in our community! This game can really bring people together 😀
          (Oh, yes, I know you! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who is who because of these different accounts 🙂

  • Nita90

    Aww, this was so adorable 🙂 <3 The Sims Medieval is my favourite Sims game, so it was a pleasure to see this short story with it. The story itself was very sweet, and although it could be suspected what the relation was between Prince Charles and Sir Frederick, it turned out to be the best possible surprise for Adelaide. :3 I was so happy for them 🙂 The pictures were simply stunning! It is amazing how beuatiful the Sims Medieval pictures can be. I think one the best things that could happen to the game is that you discovered it. 😀 I hope you are going to make more stories with the Sims Medieval in the future. There are not enough of them!
    So congratulations for this translation and keep up the good work, DeeDee! 😉

    • Aw, thank you for leaving a message in English too 😀 I’m still glad you enjoyed this little story 🙂 I was happy about the ending too, because I grow attached to them during the “filming” process, such a lovely couple :3
      You know I’d never try Sims Medieval, if you didn’t recommend it to me 😀 And you helped me a lot, so thank you again for the support 🙂 And I agree, this game is gorgeous *-*
      I may may make more stuff in this game, who knows 😀 And maybe I’ll translate more stuff. But I hope you’ll translate your story as well! 😀