The first snowflake

To Mom

The small snowflake – whose name will be Peter for the sake of the story –, sat on the edge of a huge, fluffy cloud and looked down to the hoary city. He knew that one day he will have to leave that safe cloud. He should’ve left it long ago. His friends impatiently waited for the day, the moment when they will finally discover the world.

But Peter was afraid. More than ever. So he just sat on the edge of that cloud all day long for weeks. Even though it seemed so simple. To float on the wind. To fly. To arrive and wrap the whole world with white veil. But he fearfully thought of the day when he had to go.

 „There you are” someone said beside him, and Peter looked up scared. Nieve, the heart of the cloud stood there and smiled at him, then carefully sat down. „You friends are very excited.” she said.

 „They can go if they want to” Peter snapped, while he tightly folded his arms, and Nieve just smiled and shook her head.

„You know, you have to leave once. There won’t be snow without you, and the others are just waiting for you.”

„Well I don’t want to be the first” Peter shrugged, and Nieve answered with a simple nod.

 „Do you know, why we chose you?” she asked quietly, and Peter slowly turned to her and looked up with huge, curious eyes. „Because even if you don’t believe it, you are brave, Peter. Braver, than you think.”

„Then why do I afraid so much?”

„What are you afraid of? It will be beautiful.”

„But I am going to melt away” Peter blurted out. „They won’t even notice me. I will be just one of many. I will be the first to melt down. I don’t even have a chance to make someone happy. I am not going to be a snowman, or a snowball. I can’t play with anyone. They will forget me.”

 „Is that what you afraid of?” Nieve kindly laughed. „Maybe a few people will forget, because not everyone can live the pleasure of a moment. But you give the most beautiful gift for a lots of people. The first memory of a wonderful, snow-white christmas.”

„And won’t they forget me?”

„I promise you they won’t” she smiled at him. „Because there will always be some people who will be happy because of you. Even if they don’t notice it first. Never forget this, Peter! So if you’re ready, just go! And it will be beautiful.”

Then Nieve slowly stood up and disappeared into the cloud.

Peter looked at that place for a few second where Nieve disappeared. He thought about all the things she said to him. Maybe she was right.

Maybe whatever will happen, he will be special for a few people. After all, what could one tiny snowflake ask, if not that he could remain a happy memory?

Peter smiled at this thought. Because he will bring this. So many happy memories. Even if he melt, the memories will remain forever. And he is just the beginning of everything. Millions of his friends will follow him, and leave millions of memories in the hearts.

He stood up from the edge of the cloud with a huge smile on his face, and let a cool breeze to pick him up, and take him to a wonderful adventure.


Sarah Berkeley sat bored on a bench in the playground, and kicked some fallen leaves with her boots. Everything was so depressing. So rigorous. So terribly sad. Everything indicated the upcoming holiday in the city. The floodlit main square, the Christmas bazaar, the delicious smells on the streets.

But Sarah did not feel the Christmas spirit despite that her mother bustled in kitchen for days, or that her father took her brother to choose the tree. Everything just exasperated the little girl. After all, what kind of Christmas is that, where isn’t any snow?

She ruefully looked up the sky. Huge, gray clouds floated up there, and the smell of snow wafted in the area. But it didn’t snow. Not even a single snowflake. Winter has arrived for weeks, and Sarah got out of the bed excited every morning, hoping, that snow covered everything by morning. But every day was a disappointment to her. Christmas was on the corner and she saw no sign of snow.

 „Are you going to sit there all afternoon?” Phil, Sarah’s father stepped to her, who took her and her brother to the playground for the last time in the year.

„Yes!” she replied, as she kicked a gray stone on the ground and watched it roll away, then stop within a few leaves. Phil just sighed, then sat down beside his daughter on the bench.

 „You know, there won’t be snow on every Christmas.”

„But it has no point then” she murmured.

„Christmas is not beautiful because of the snow, Sarah.”

„I know” Sarah looked at her father. „But I was the happiest then. When Jack was little, and I decorated the tree with mom. And you primed the fireplace, and snow fell outside, and everything was so nice. And you were still together with mom…”

Phil sadly looked back to her face. He remembered that Christmas four years ago. Their last Christmas together as a family. It really was perfect. Lot has changed since then. And snow would bring that feeling back to Sarah, when everything was happy.

„I’m sorry, Sarah!” he said, but she just shrugged and looked up the gray sky. „Maybe this year it will fall. I’d be happy.”

 „Mom would be happy too” Sarah smiled.

„Maybe, but I doubt that Carl would be happy about this idea.”

„Carl is stupid” she rolled her eyes, as she remembered her mother’s new husband. „He thinks I want a doll. Me. A doll.”

Phil laughed out loud as he listened to his daughter. He remembered what happened last time, when Sarah got a blonde Barbie doll. She wanted to pull down it in the toilet, and almost swamped the entire house.

 „Promise me something, Sarah!” Phil turned to his daughter, who looked back at him with interest. „No matter what happens, try to be happy! And don’t hold on the past! Cause I will always be here, with or without snow. Even if we don’t meet every day. Can you promise this to me?”

„I’ll try” Sarah nodded. „But it’s hard to give up two things, and I know that you won’t spend the Christmas with us. At least I could get the snow.”

As Sarah said these words, icy wind began to blow between the houses, then a small, white fluff landed on her nose. The first snowflake.

She didn’t understand what happened, but then – as she looked up to the sky – she saw thousands of snowflakes flew from the sky. Happy smile spread across her face, and Phil laughed loudly.

Little Jack started to run with outstretched arms around the playground and he sticked out his tongue to see if a snowflake accidentally lands on it. Sarah jumped up from the bench and began to dance in the snow.

 „This snowflake probably just waited to make someone happy” he muttered and smiled as he watched his children playing happily.

They spent hours in the playground. They played and laughed, and Sarah was happy. After all, she got a beautiful, white Christmas. When they got tired, they went back home hand in hand.

They walked slowly to the white door, because they knew that they had to leave each other soon. Jill, the children’s mother looked out from the window, and when she saw them, happily opened the door.

Sarah and Jack ran into the house and shook the snow off of themselves.

„Thanks for taking care of them” Jill smiled at her former husband.

„Could you finish the decoration of the tree?”

„Of course” she said, and Phil answered with a nod. He glanced one last time at his children, then turned away from her.

He wanted to leave, when Jill called after him.

„Do you want to come in? The kids would be happy.”

„I would be happy too” Phil said, and Jill opened the door with a smile and let him in.

Sarah got the most beautiful gift for that Christmas. Happy memories that will remain with her forever. And because of this, the small snowflake melted away happily…

The end